James Franco Throws Noah Baumbach’s Latest Into Tailspin

James Franco Pineapple ExpressWhoooops. It seems James Franco deciding to go to Oz has a few more ramifications than a house falling down on a witch (seriously, how the fuck did that bitch not see a damn HOUSE falling out of the sky?). His involvement means he had to drop out of Noah Baumbach’s latest While We’re Young. But Franco’s exit had a ripple effect for the film that has already suffered a few casting set backs.

Let us recap, shall we? Franco was supposed to star in Baumbach’s latest with Ben Stiller, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Greta Gerwig. But Baumbach and Leigh split (oh yeah, they were married) and since no one wants to work with their ex, Leigh left the film. After that Gerwig left too. Then Cate Blanchett stepped in for Leigh, but she would only do it as long as it was Stiller and Franco. But then Franco took the Oz gig so now Blanchett is out as well. So all that remains is Ben Stiller. Don’t lose too much hope though! Baumbach is one of the best writer/directors working today and Stiller is a mighty powerful producer as well. I’m sure they’ll manage to rope in a few more talented peeps before their projected June start.

Source: Next Movie