‘Kick Ass 2’ Helmer Jeff Wadlow to Direct ‘Fast & Furious’ with Speedboats

Jeff Wadlow is kicking some serious directing ass! The filmmaker, who helmed the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, is now slated to direct the speedboat action flick Go Fast, according to Deadline. Here’s a guy who seems to be making a name for himself as an action genre fixture.

Go Fast, which Sony Pictures has acquired, will be written by Rich Wilkes. The action film will follow a team of DEA agents jetting off in super speedy boats to hault bands of drug smugglers on the water. So, pretty much we’re looking forward to Fast And The Furious on the high seas…. but we’re trading in cars for high-speed vessels.

The film marks the second huge studio film for Wadlow to direct, the first being Kick-Ass 2, which was handed down to him from rights holder Matthew Vaughn (director of the first installment of the Kick-Ass franchise). Wadlow is also penning and directing Marvel’s X-men spin-off X-Force for 20th Century Fox

So, crime fighting kids, Marvel mutants, and supercharged speedboats? Wadlow’s setting up camp quite nicely in the action world.

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