Woody Allen Goes Full-on Pimp in ‘Fading Gigolo’ Trailer

Credit: Antidote Films

Woody Allen has a new movie coming out, and no he isn’t directing! Woody Allen is getting in front of the camera in Fading Gigolo, and he’ll be starring next to the film’s writer/director John Turturro

Allen plays a bookshop keeper who tries to help his friend (Turturro) get some money by pimping him out as a gigolo. Yes, that is correct: Allen’s character is a low level pimp. Of course, what with the fact that his friend is not gigolo by profession, hilarity ensues. The gig proves to not be so bad considering Turturro gets to romp around with Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone. This witty cast seems to match the wittiness of the movie, and of course we can’t wait to see Woody Allen on screen again. There’s no release date yet, but check out the trailer below.

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