Johnny Depp, Rob Marshall In For ‘Thin Man’ Remake?

ALT TEXT Ah! No movie is safe!

Vulture reports that Johnny Depp wants to remake The Thin Man — you know, that classic four-time Oscar nominee (including Best Picture) from 1934 — with director Rob Marshall (Pirates 4, Chicago) at the helm. Currently, there’s no script for the remake, but Depp really wants to play the role. He’s working through his Warner Brothers-based Infinitum Nihil production outfit and former WB executive Kevin McCormick to get everything lined up.

I have one thing to say to this — ugh.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do like remakes. King Kong was an example of a film that not only should be remade, but when it was finished, it was executed properly. And think about that film. It relies more on special effects and visuals than writing or storytelling, so it could take advantage of modern technology to make it a better film overall.

The problem I have with The Thin Man is that I don’t understand what can be gained with a remake. Yeah, Johnny Depp will give a fabulous performance, but William Powell already handled the role superbly (gaining an Oscar nod for best actor in the process). Plus, when you toy with classics like this film, you risk tainting the original’s reputation. One of the great things about movies is that they aren’t the theater. You don’t need to get new actors to see the same storyline because you can just watch what’s already on film.

I love you Johnny Depp, but come on. This just doesn’t seem right.

Source: Vulture