Jonah Hill Announces His Directorial Debut, a Film Where ‘Immaturity Is Encouraged’

Despite his origins as a d**k-drawing wiseass in SuperbadJonah Hill has sought to establish himself as a serious actor. Hill has shed a few pounds and successfully branched into the limelight as a dramatic star, with an Oscar-nominated performance in Moneyball alongside Brad Pitt and an upcoming role in the Leonardo DiCaprio drama The Wolf Of Wall Street… yet he still manages to pop up in a slew of hilarious films like with his recent blockbuster This Is The End

But with all this accomplished, what’s the chubby, Jewfro-survirvor to tackle next? 

Well, Hill revealed in an intimate interview with Bullett that he will soon deviate from his acting legacy and begin to work as a director. He described the script for the film that is currently in the editing stage, stating: “It focuses on what it’s like to work in a field where immaturity is not only allowed, but also encouraged.”

It’s awesome to hear that Hill is fully embracing this newfound glory as a well-respected man in the entertainment industry outside the acting realm. He spoke on his transition to his directorial debut, revealing, “I used to want to be an actor, then a dramatic actor, now a director. But more than anything–more than being a movie star who acts like a rock star–now I just want to be good.”

Mr. Hill, you’ve got it going on and yeah, you’re more than good. If your directorial style is on par with your iconic role in Moneyball, we whole-heartedly promise we’ll buy a ticket to catch your film.

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