Joseph Gordon-Levitt IS Bruce Willis in ‘Looper’ Poster

In 2000, Bruce Willis starred in The Kid, wherein his character got a chance to meet his younger self (an eight-year-old Spencer Breslin), who allowed him to reconnect with his boyhood spirit and thirst for life. In 2012, Bruce Willis will star in Looper, wherein his character gets a chance to meet his younger self (a 31-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who will probably try and murder him. Tomato tomahto. 

This time-traveling pic stars Gordon-Levitt as a hit man who receives orders from his mob boss to kill his future self (Willis). The psychological and philosophical depths of this kind of story are countless, as are the thrills in a Tommy Solomon vs. John McClane face-off. Check out the poster below (for which head-tilting is necessary), and head back to Slashfilm to see the high-resolution image.


[Slash Film]