Josh Brolin and Barry Sonnenfeld on ‘MIB3’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

ALTWhen I got to watch Men in Black 3 earlier last month in Los Angeles, director Barry Sonnenfeld was on hand to witness his return to the extraterrestrial franchise firsthand. Hopefully, the laughter from the crowd of cynical journalists (guilty) and studio types let him know that the dangerous number three — released ten years after its predecessor — was a success. From encounters with Andy Warhol (Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader, also known as Stefon) to tasteful and appropriate looks at 1960’s era ridiculous racism, the film tackled the dangerous time travel element without being cheesy or overly broad.

Of course, much of the film’s success has to do with Josh Brolin. When sat down with Will Smith to discuss the film, “Agent J” noted that the movie essentially rested on Brolin’s shoulders. Brolin modestly disagreed, but Smith was right: Nailing Agent K’s (Tommy Lee Jones ) attitude and signature drawl couldn’t have been an easy task — and Brolin not only succeeded, he rejuvenated the character and added the heart that the embittered older K so sadly lacked.

I got together with Sonnenfeld and Brolin to discuss everything from the swinging ’60s to the cynicism of the modern day franchise. Check out the exclusive videos below!

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