Joss Whedon’s ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Trailer: Mind-Blowing Fun

Cabin in the WoodsThere has been a lot of apprehension regarding all of the The Cabin in the Woods‘ promotional material. After watching the first trailer, many believed that the film had been spoiled for them, as it seems that a whole lot of secrets are given away. The new trailer for the film, which you can watch below, follows in the step of its predecessor: many who watch will be appalled at how much is revealed in the brief, minute-long mash-up of scenes from the film.

But rest assured, as nothing is spoiled. Our movies editor Matt Patches, who saw (and loved) the film, insists that nothing is spoiled by either preview, and that the “You think you know the story” tagline rings true: you don’t. The only thing truly revealed by the trailer? Something fishy is going on.
The great Joss Whedon (The Avengers) teamed with the sensational Drew Goddard (LOST) to write the intriguing, twisted and invigorating script behind Goddard’s directorial debut. Star Chris Hemsworth leads the picture perfect team of unsuspecting horror movie youths into the treacherous danger zone that is the Cabin in the Woods, with mysterious figures Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins involved in some doubtlessly villainous capacity.
Do not fear the trailer: it stands only to excite, not to spoil anything!
The Cabin in the Woods opens April 13.

Source: Fearnet