Jovovich Says ‘Resident Evil 5’ Is A Definite

Resident Evil AfterlifeJust as a successful zombie creates more zombies, a successful zombie movie begets another zombie movie. It’s the circle of life. Or rather the circle of the un-dead. 

Resident Evil: Afterlife star Milla Jovovich told New York Magazine’s Vulture that, based on the success of the fourth film in the series, “they” are “definitely going to make another one.” The film opened at #1 for the weekend thanks to added 3D ticket sales (a first for the franchise) and lackluster competition. 

According to Jovovich, director Paul W.S. Anderson, her husband, already has some ideas for the next film but that hasn’t stopped him from accepting suggestions from fans. Anderson and Jovovich have taken to Twitter to find out “what the fans want.” While it does not bode well that professional filmmakers are seeking ideas from the masses, we’re sure there are plenty of Fan Fiction sites devoted to Resident Evil for them to choose from. 

In fact, let us pitch a few ideas for Resident Evil: After-Afterlife (it was either that or Resident Evil: After Birth which would have been way too gross).  Instead of letting Paul W.S. Anderson write and direct the fifth, why not give someone else a try? How about that other Paul Anderson – you know the guy behind that other dark and violent movie There Will Be Blood? Paul Thomas Anderson? Now that would be a zombie film worth coming back from the grave to see.

Source: Vulture