The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Becomes the ‘Party Down’ Movie We’ve Been Waiting For, Casts Ken Marino and Martin Starr

Credit: Dustin Finkelstein/Getty Images

Granted, there is a good deal of crossover between the people who watched Party Down and the people who watched Veronica Mars. But for all those outlying “Are We Having Fun Yet?” exclaimers who never ventured the way of Neptune, the upcoming VM movie might bear some unexpected draw. Courtesy of Kickstarter, the film adaptation of Rob Thomas’ neo-noir series set production underway in March, much to the delight of the cult fan community who bade a premature farewell to the program in 2007. Ever since, the movie has amounted a good number of Veronica Mars cast members to star, including central players Kristen Bell and Ryan Hansen… both also Party Down alums. Now joining Veronica/Uda Bengt and Dick Casablancas/Kyle Bradway, as TVLine reports, are a pair of old friends: Rob Thomas mainstay Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe/Ron Donald) and VM first timer/Party Down champ Martin Starr.

As such, even if you didn’t watch Veronica Mars, the Party Down appeal might be enough to draw you in… of course, almost nobody watched that show either, so who knows how many people are actually going to see this movie?

And of course, a Party Down-stocked cast does not prove an acceptable substitute for a Party Down film. Yes, we’re duly excited for Veronica Mars, but these casting bits just whet our appetites for a feature chronicling the latest adventures of the Los Angeles catering company. But we won’t be greedy — one Rob Thomas masterpiece taking film form at a time is just fine. So for now, we’re happy.

But we’ll be waiting. Knock Veronica Mars out of the park, then back to Kickstarter for Party Down. And if you have time afterward, maybe a Rats Saw God adaptation? Okay, that’s asking a bit too much…

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