‘Magic Mike”s Matthew McConaughey: I’d Never Danced


magic mikeWhen you think of the upcoming movie, Magic Mike, which features Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, and Joe Manganiello as male strippers, you would think being on the edge of 100% nudity most of the time would be the intimidating part (for them, not us).

But it turns out they were less fearful of stripping down, and more afraid of having to dance while doing it. And by “it” we mean strip. Get your minds out of the gutter!

McConaughey — who just wed his longtime girlfriend, where he apparently skipped the tradition of a first dance — admitted before doing this movie, “I’d never danced.” A big part of pre-shoot prep had all three guys learning choreographed routines to go along with their stripteases. But according to McConaughey, when it came time to shoot his dance scenes he felt like “there will never be enough time. I could rehearse this thing for 10 years.”

Even ex-stripper Tatum (whose real-life story is the inspiration behind the movie) was not looking forward to reliving his past. “I’m about to go on stage and dance for the first time, and I’m like, ‘Why did I want to do this again? This is completely not what I remembered.’ I was terrified.”

True Blood’s Manganiello — who is also no stranger to taking his shirt off, and was hesitant to take another role that involved doing just that — equates his stripping scenes to the feeling of “coming out of a blackout. You get up there, you do this thing, and then it was like waking up the next morning covered in blood having no recollection of what the hell you just did. You’re sitting backstage after your routine, in a thong, sweating, the music is over, you’re just sitting there alone in silence … going, ‘What did I just do? People are going to see this!”

Yep. And if he’s lucky, lots and lots of people.

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