Malin Akerman Joins Jennifer Aniston In ‘WanderLust’

Malin AkermanCan I say boner? I can? Sweet. Because I totally have a comedy boner for WanderLust. Every piece of news about this film makes my jowls salivate like a dinner bell just rang (Pavlov reference FTW) and it keeps getting better. Variety is reporting that Malin Akerman has joined the cast which already includes Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, and Justin Theroux.

Akerman has quickly been setting herself up to be a formidable comedienne. She bared all (or the Jungian collective unconscious) in the first Harold and Kumar, took part in a slew of studio laffers including The Heartbreak Kid and Couples Retreat and most recently has been appearing on the surreal Adult Swim show Childrens’ Hospital.

Which is probably how she got involved with WanderLust. Besides the great cast in front of the screen, there is some serious talent behind the camera. David Wain is directing (The State, Wet Hot American Summer, and pretty much any funny TV show on air including Children’s Hospital) and he wrote it with Ken Marino (Party Down, may it RIP). Not to mention that Judd Apatow is producing it and this looks it has his Midas touch all over it. And everyone knows Rudd is a comedic mastermind. It should be a criminal offense that Justin Theroux isn’t as well known as everyone else in this film. Besides being a great writer (Tropic Thunder), he kills it every time he is on camera. See The Baxter and his guest stint on Parks and Recreation for proof.

The only potential wild card here is Aniston. Of course, her roots are in comedy (Friends did manage to garner a few laughs every now and then), but her recent films haven’t exactly been laugh out loud (or LOL if you incline, but if you do please stop) material. However, those who have read the script say Aniston’s character smokes pot, goes topless, and tries to stop a bulldozer. Two of those three things I am very interested in. Freud would have a field day trying to figure out which one it is (I apologize for all the psychology metaphors today).

Source: Variety