Malin Akerman Joins Nic Cage In ‘Medallion.’ Sure, Why Not.

Malin AkermanMalin Akerman seems like a nice girl. Wholesome, sweet and funny: the kind of girl you would be proud to take to a Sunday brunch with the parents. But then you start noticing her roles in movies like Watchmen, which was a little weird, and Couples Retreat where she gets paired up with Vince Vaughn. So she likes strange guys in crazy movies. Let’s combine them both, shall we?

Now she’s set to star alongside Nic Cage in Medallion as a former thief who helps out her old pal (actually her ex) Cage steal his kidnapped daughter out of the trunk of a cab in NYC. Yep, that takes the weird movie premise with a strange male costar to a whole new level. Again, Cage is a former thief that has to find his kidnapped daughter from the back of a taxi. And he recruits his old flame Akerman to help him. Throw in Simon West, director of Con Air and BOOM – awesome (dumb) movie.

Source: Hollywood Reporter