‘Mama’ and Other Female Ghosts in Horror Movies: Which is the Scariest?

Mama: Who's the Scariest Movie Ghost?

Mama just killed a man. She didn’t mean to make you cry out in fear, but you did. Yes, no doubt you were the only one frightened of the bundle of limbs that was Mama in the Jessica Chastain-starring Mama, which hit theaters this weekend. But the character is simply the latest female ghost to spook movie-goers on the big screen.

Though male supernatural beings in movies certainly have frightened — all, of course, besides Sam Wheat — it’s horror genre’s female ghosts that have turned us, well, white as a sheet.

But which is spookiest to ever hit our screens? Vote in our poll below!

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/6841008/”>Who is horror’s scariest female ghost?</a>

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