Marlon Brando’s Last Movie Back on

Shooting has resumed on Hollywood legend Marlon Brando‘s last ever movie.

The Godfather star had completed all his scenes for Brando when he died in July 2004.

But filmmaker Ridha Behi closed the project, about a Tunisian boy who travels to the U.S. to meet his hero Brando and chase the American dream.

Behi has now revamped and resurrected the film, which will now be called Citizen Brando, and will be part fiction and part documentary about the director’s experiences with the star.

Behi explains, “What I was highlighting in the film, the Arab-USA tensions, have even greater resonance, two years later.”

Christopher Walken will star in the fictional part of the film.

Shooting has begun at the Cannes Film Festival, where Behi hopes to unveil the film next year.

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