The Marvin Gaye Biopic Is Actually an Extended Episode of ‘Law & Order’

Jesse L. Martin and S. Epatha Merkerson on Law and Order, Join Marvin Gaye Biopic

Ka-chung. That’s the sound of a Law & Order reunion in the form of Marvin Gaye’s life story. The upcoming biopic, Sexual Healing, already stars L&O alum and Broadway buff Jesse L. Martin, but the cast has just added 19-year Law & Order vet S. Epatha Merkerson to the production as Gaye’s mother Alberta, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lucky for both actors, this project will at least feature some good music (and something without a predominant use of electric piano).

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The production, which is helmed by English director Julian Temple, originally starred Lenny Kravitz in the title role, but in early March uncanny Gaye lookalike, and fantastic singer, Martin took on the role. The will take audiences through Gaye’s recovery and attempt to regain his career with the help of Freddy Cousaert (Brendan Gleeson). The movie begins filming in late March, with this added dose of comfort, courtesty of Merkerson.

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In her years at Law & Order, Merkerson’s Anita Van Buren always seemed to be a bit of a cantankerous mother figure to the detectives, always setting them straight as their Lieutenant. It will be no surprise to see her slip into this role as Gaye’s mother. 

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