Michael Bay Sets ‘Pain & Gain’ As His Next Movie

michael baySo you just made a gigantic 3D movie, the purest definition of summer blockbuster, set to make back its budget purely from the domestic box office in its first week — what do you do next? A $20 million dark comedy, of course.

Michael Bay confirmed that his next film will be Pain and Gain, a small (in terms of Bay films) non-3D film about bodybuilding and the criminal underworld of Miami. Bay calls it a dark comedy in the vein of Pulp Fiction, which would totally be Bay’s version of a dark comedy. (He’s being tied up and tortured! LOL.)

Sounds like a plan to me. Bay’s last three films are the Transformers films so you can’t really blame the dude for wanting to try something different. And this does sound like the kind of thing Bay would make to relax. After all, a crime comedy with body builders sounds more up his alley than say a romantic comedy set in Victorian England. Although, throw in some explosions and some flattering corsets, Bay might just take the bait.

Source: MTV