Michael Caine Joins Magician Heist Movie ‘Now You See Me’

Michael CaineThere are very few things not compelling about Louis Leterrier’s developing magician heist movie Now You See Me. Two of the big sells: the words “magician” and “heist.”

The film centers on a group of traveling illusionists who use their abilities to pull off high-level bank robberies for the thrill of crowds, and then bestow the stolen money unto their audiences. A team of FBI agents will follow this magicians alliance, attempting to put a stop to their felonious whimsy. The newest castmember in this captivator: Michael Caine.

The cast is already top-notch. Starring are Jesse Eisenberg, set to play the head of the criminal magicians, and Mark Ruffalo, who is leading the FBI team against him. Also in the cast are Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher (playing a technicians expert), Woody Harrelson (it’ll be fun to see the Zombielanders back in one another’s company), Melanie Laurent (who made Inglourious Basterds her movie) and Dave Franco.

Michael Caine will be playing a patron of some sort of the magicians team, thus a criminal in his own right. And who doesn’t love a criminal Michael Caine?

Source: Indiewire