Michael Stuhlbarg Cast In ‘Men In Black III’

Michael StuhlbargWith his career picking up steam very quickly, Michael Stuhlbarg has landed a role in Sony Pictures’ 2012 tent pole Men In Black III. The Hollywood Reporter says that he’ll take on the part of “Griffin”, which was originally pegged for Sharlto Copley, a late bloomer who stunned audiences in 2009 with his performance in District 9. Similarly, Stuhlbarg, 42, was unknown until the Coen Bros. cast the stage actor in their 2009 entry A Serious Man (which landed him a Golden Globe nomination).

Since then, he’s teamed up twice with the incomparable Martin Scorsese on the stellar HBO series Boardwalk Empire (the Oscar winning auteur helmed the pilot and produces the hour-long drama) and the forthcoming children’s fantasy Hugo Cabret. Now, film roles are obviously coming quicker to Stuhlbarg as MIB III is without question the highest-profile production he’s ever been a part of.

Barry Sonnenfeld is once again directing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the threequel, with Emma Thompson, Josh Brolin, Alice Eve, Jermaine Clement and more joining in. Though I’m not too enthusiastic about the film (I had enough of the MIB after the 1997 original, thank you very much), Stuhlbarg is an incredibly exciting actor to watch on screen, especially as a villain, which he might play here. Though his presence alone won’t entice me to buy a ticket, it certainly helps drum up interest.  

Men In Black III will be released on standard and 3D screens on May 25th 2012.

Source: THR