Is ‘Monsters University’ Inappropriate for Kids? The Trailer Makes Us Wonder

Credit: Disney/Pixar

The trailer for Monsters University makes it seem like the movie is gong to be wildly inappropriate for children. They again, they probably won’t realize that. The movie is set about 10 years before Monsters Inc., when Mike and Sulley are in college. They meet at a fraternity and begin to form the bond we remember from Monsters Inc. The fraternity setup isn’t inherently inappropriate, but the first shot we see in the trailer depicts a house party at which Sulley is playing a PG-rated form of beer pong…

There’s also a shot from a late-night club scene. Anyone who’s ever been in college knows that a college club is the last place anyone would ever think to bring a child — probably because everyone there is too busy potentially making children.

And then on top of all that, we see Mike, Sulley and their reckless college friends on top of a building with the flashlights of two cops trained on them. “I can’t go back to jail!” one of the monsters yells, and a chase ensues.

But the worst part is that the whole trailer is set to some generic dub step. No one gets that. 

The children who see Monsters University likely won’t understand the slew of inappropriate jokes in the movie, but the adults won’t stop laughing as they reminisce about the good ol’ days. It should be a fun movie — as long as parents remember to blame Pixar when their kids go to college and end up in jail.

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