‘Mortal Kombat’ Happening; Not As A Movie But As A Web Series

Remember that Mortal Kombat short film that made the rounds over the internet a few months ago? That was pretty sweet. Unfortunately a big screen treatment isn’t in immediate development (yet); instead that exclusive short will be expanded into a web series that will serve as character introductions for the possible film.

The short was spot on for a potential Mortal Kombat film reboot/re-imagining/whatever. Dark, gritty and not afraid of spewing a little blood or getting gross, the 8-minute YouTube video was better than half the stuff shown in theaters in 2010. Michael Jai White will be returning for the series and thank the fatalities for that. White is one of the most bad-ass actors around and not like some “ooh, I lift weights with my trainer” bad-ass, but an actual “I will kick your ass if you say anything with the letter ‘E’ in it” bad-ass.

Returning as writer/director is Kevin Tancharoen and filming is expected to begin next month in Vancouver. And if you haven’t seen the original: FINISH IT!

Source: Cinematical