Movie Musings 7.30.10

Movie Musings 7.30.10

Movie Musings

  This Week: Sasha Grey, Scott Pilgrim and Sucker Punch

 Scott Pilgrim1. Get On Board the Scott Pilgrim Bandwagon.

Having now seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World I’m officially terrified that it’s going to be missed by audiences, Serenity-style. The movie is an outstanding example of modern filmmaking, full of graphics and flash cuts, but it’s also innovative and interesting. Edgar Wright has yet to make a bad film, with Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and Scott Pilgrim as good an opening trio as anyone could hope for.

If you’ve ever 1) Played a video game 2) Enjoyed Michael Cera 3) Appreciated comedy or 4) Read a comic book you’ll likely dig this film. I think they’ve started a little late on the marketing front, but we’ve all got to take the Pilgrim pledge at this point. See it with a friend!

Sasha Grey2. Is Sasha Grey Stardom Still a Possibility?

There are two things our culture is completely obsessed with, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. In alphabetical order it goes a little something like a) celebrity and then b) sex. It’s the reason Paris Hilton is a household name. It’s the reason anyone has ever heard of Kim Kardashian. And so it makes perfect sense that an actual adult film star would make the crossover to legitimate actress. So when the news came down today that:Adult film star Sasha Grey is eyeing a role alongside Jeremy Piven, Thomas Jane, and Rob Lowe in I Melt With You.

I found myself pondering a future where Grey was vying for Academy Awards. Steven Soderbergh had it right when he put her in The Girlfriend Experience. We want to know everything about the rich and famous (see: US Weekly, People) and we can all agree that a Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie sex tape would break the Internet for a few weeks.

So why not start with a actress who already has it all out there for the world to see? As the taboos surrounding sex slowly fade away it’s insanely logical. Someone is going to put her in a role with teeth, and she’s going to have a chance to crush it. It’s just a matter of time. Does she have the talent to do so? The prognosis isn’t so clear there, but her starting in the adult film industry is no longer a dealbreaker, something you couldn’t have said 30 years ago.

3. Live Bloggin’ the Sucker Punch trailer.

Having seen the first trailer, I’m willing to admit I may have underrated Sucker Punch. To make it up to Zack Snyder I’m going to live blog the living heck out of this trailer. Hit play, and follow along!

Suckerpunch:01 – :09: But I don’t wanna go to the mental institution!

:10 – :12: Close my eyes? Sorry bub, no chance I’m closing my eyes just to have you suckerpunch me. I mean, for crying out loud, you named your film after this very trick!

:13 – :20: I sincerely hope that’s a Hattori Hanzo sword.

:21 – :23: Oooooh, I get it, you’re asking me to open my mind? So that’s what the whole “close your eyes” thing was all about. Well, why didn’t you just say so? Consider my mind fully opened.

:24 – :30: Given the weather conditions, that is an extremely short skirt. My mind is open to that, but still.

:31 – :39: Based on my experience, I don’t think any of these women are currently seeking a relationship on

:40 – :47: Action! Action! Action!

:48 – :49: My, you are very bendy.

:50 – 1:00: This looks like Kill Bill meets Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow meets various role playing clubs.

1:01 – 1:15: Well, okay, if you have dragons and people making out I’m probably interested.

1:16 – 1:20: I knew it! That guy just tried to suckerpunch me through the screen!

1:21 – 1:26: A March release date, just like 300? All right, I’m sold, where do I go to stand in line?

So yeah, Suckerpunch will do just fine for a generally sleepy March. Much obliged Mr. Snyder.

On that note, I hope you have a weekend without any punching at all. Unless you’ve recently joined a Fight Club.

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