New Character Designs From Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Emerge

We can’t wait for Pixar’s Brave, and we’re assuming you can’t either. Sure, we saw a poster with a mop of tousled red hair yesterday, but today, we’ve found something even better: character designs. Here, we have the courageous Princess Merida (Kelly McDonald), who casts off on her own to become an archer only to find herself getting her kingdom into a bit of trouble by accident. We can also get a look at Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), Wise Woman (Julie Walters) and Lord Macintosh (Craig Ferguson). We’re looking at a bevy of Scottish accents in this beautiful film, but for now, let us study these cartoon countenances for a bit.

Brave Character Art Princess Merida

Brave Wise Woman Character Art

Brave Lord Macintosh Character Art

Brave Character Art Queen Elinor

Source: ONTD