One on One Video: Michael Fassbender on ‘Shame,’ ‘Dangerous Method’


ALTAfter watching Michael Fassbender‘s two new films, A Dangerous Method (which opens tomorrow, November 23) and Shame (December 2), I’ve come to a very bold conclusion: there’s nothing he can’t do.

We all use the exaggerated praise to laud many of the people we love, but after indulging in his past work—including two movies from earlier this year (Jane Eyre and X-Men: First Class)—I’m convinced he’s capable of no wrong. In Dangerous Method, Fassbender plays the famed psychoanalyst Carl Jung, a sexually repressed man of science and faith, who finds difficultly in his own professional and personal pursuits. It’s a meaty part, but one where Fassbender’s skills lie behind a calm facade. He takes a complete 180 in Shame, playing Brandon, a sex addict who fails to contain his carnal desires at the price of emotional relationships. Here, Fassbender unleashes all hell. The two roles couldn’t be more different, yet, they’re sides of the same coin.

I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Fassbender, where we spoke about the differing processes of the two films, bringing a real life person to life and the type of research necessary to play a sex addict. I also managed to cross wires and refer to A Dangerous Method as A Dangerous Mind, which gave Fassbender a good laugh (and me, a heart attack). See for yourself below: