‘OZ The Great and Powerful’ Super Bowl Trailer: Fireworks, Fire Fights, and Fire Witches

Oz The Great and Powerful

Fire seems to be a prevalent theme among this year’s Super Bowl trailers. After we saw The Lone Ranger toss heroes Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp into an underground pit with a wall of flames hot on their tails, viewers caught glimpse of the latest OZ The Great and Powerful trailer… one showcasing its enchanting land’s blistering temperatures.

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Star Johnny Depp is thrust into the mystical world of Oz, facing the wonders of spectacular fireworks shows, the horrors of fire-based villains, and the excitement of fire-powered feuds. Check out the below trailer (while keeping the A/C) running, and catch the Wizard of Oz reboot in theaters on Mar. 8.

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