Jaegers Face Off with Zords — ‘Pacific Rim’ Vs. Power Rangers

Credit: Saban Entertainment; Warner Bros. Pictures

As simple as the robots-vs.-monsters concept behind Pacific Rim springs to our minds a whole new venture: Guillermo del Toro’s summer smasher set against the 1990s after school staple, Power Rangers. You scoff at the goofy proposal, but think about it. The two properties are strikingly similar: robots, yes. Monsters, sure. An attractive male lead, of course. But the consistencies between the titles do not stop there — there’s the quavering nerd, the hulking brute, the demigod man-in-charge. Granted, it all amounts to nothing without the gigantic robots, but just like Pacific Rim itself, the concept is all in good fun.

So peruse our Pacific Rim vs. Power Rangers gallery, friends of Zordon!

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