‘Paranormal Activity’ Gets Spoofed In Marlon Wayans’ ‘A Haunted House’ — TRAILER 

It’s a pretty safe assumption that the trailer for A Haunted House being released the same day that Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters was no strange coincidence. After all, Marlon Wayans‘ latest spoof is a send-up of the very formula that’s turned the found footage phenomenon into a Halloween staple. And, much like Wayans’ other ventures into parody (Scary Movie, Dance Flick) A Haunted House looks to go for juvenile and crass funny bone rather than aim for subtle satire. 

Case in point: there’s a slew of fart jokes, weed jokes, lady anatomy jokes, a visual of a ghost getting kicked in its “ghost balls”, Nick Swardson doing what he always does, and an appearance by the talented David Koechner, who inexplicably keeps popping up in these things. Watch it below, if you dare. 


A Haunted House is slated to open on Jan. 11, 2013 release, for all those who are brave enough to enter. 
[Photo credit: Open Road Films] 

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