Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch, And Donald Glover Join Muppet Movie

Donald GloverI wasn’t quite sure if I could be any more excited about the new Muppet movie than I already am. After all, it was written by Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), who’s starring in it as well. Amy Adams is his love interest (not to mention the lovely, lovely Rashida Jones) and Chris Cooper is the bad guy. Besides the usual adorable gang of Muppets (including a new one, Walter!), Zach Galifianakis makes an appearance. I’m already trying to buy my ticket and now my excitement has reached a new (almost unhealthy) level as Slash Film reports that Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch, Donald Glover, and Danny Trejo are all joining the cast.

I can’t even begin to comprehend this level of awesomeness. BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE? John Krasiniski, Ed Helms, and Eric Stonestreet will also be involved it? I can’t even… breathe…. in… out… holy shit. How can they even find roles for that much talent? Oh, they’ll just be a part of Lady Gaga’s entourage, which makes total sense. WAIT, WHAT?! LADY GAGA AND MUPPETS?! ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS? I’m blubbering because this is so epic.

It’s like they took all that is good in contemporary comedy and threw it in Jim Henson’s juice blender. Glee may be rocky these days but the only (and I mean ONLY) consistently great thing about it is Lynch’s character. Sure, The Office is losing steam, but you know who keeps it comical? Krasinski and Helms. Modern Family is contributing Emmy winner Stonestreet, while Community is donating its secret weapon Glover. Underneath Lady Gaga’s wardrobe is a serious musician, much like underneath The Muppets is serious social satire (also: hands). And Trejo? I couldn’t say anything negative about that monster of man for fear of having my hands ripped off my arms. And Rudd? How can you hate that guy? Gah, this is going to be awesome.

For those more sports minded, this is like an expansion football team, but instead of every team contributing a player that they can afford to lose they sent their star player. And coaches. Basically it’s like an all star team that gets to play during the year.

Oh yeah, Jack Black will be in it as well.

Source: /Film