Paul Rudd Joins Tina Fey to Make ‘Admission’ Your Favorite Movie Ever?

Tina FeyWhen Reese’s brought together the individual wonders that are chocolate and peanut butter, the result was something far beyond the sum of its parts—a true majesty. Paul Weitz’s developing movie Admission has the potential to be the cinematic version of Reese’s: aiming to combine the sensations of Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. Now that’s sweet.

Fey has been attached to Admission for some time; she is set to play a college admissions counselor who has complicated relationships with a student and a former schoolmate. The latter role, formerly considered by Owen Wilson, now might go to Rudd. The Rudd character comes into Fey’s life in adulthood, bringing with him some feelings and secrets from their younger days.
Producers are bringing the role to Rudd, but no word on whether or not he is interested. Although, a Fey-Rudd combination is something the world needs. Just picture it: “You got your Paul-colate in my Tina-butter!” It’s almost too perfect.

Source: LA Times