Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Christopher Walken and Owen Wilson for ‘Freezing People is Easy’?

Kristen WiigThis past summer, we heard that documentarian Errol MorrisStranger than Fiction writer Zach Helm, and the affable Paul Rudd were all teaming up to bring us a comical film inspired by TV/radio personality Robert Nelson’s memoir We Froze the First Man about his experiments with cryogenically freezing humans for preservation. The project now has a delightful, new title: Freezing People Is Easy.

If these three wonders of the film world already involved weren’t enough (nor this unbelievable goldmine of a plot), we hear now that a few other wonders of the industry are looking at parts: Owen Wilson (yes), Christopher Walken (yes-er) and Kristen Wiig (yes-est).

Wilson is a hit-or-miss performer with me. His roles in more offbeat movies (Wes Anderson films or Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris), such as this one seems to be, usually serve him well. Walken is lauded as a dynamo exclusively for his delivery, but many of us forget that his comedic chops extend far and beyond that of saying things slowly. And Wiig…well, the colossal nationwide groan that we all heard as a result of the news of the potenital Wiig-less Bridesmaids sequel speaks for itself.

So, if this trifecta of W-named comedians joins in on Freezing People Is Easy, we should all be quite thrilled. So thrilled that it might be difficult to actually wait for the movie. If only there were some way to just suspend yourself in some unconscious living form for a while until a desired time of awakening…

Source: Deadline