Pitt’s ‘Basterds’ and More to Appear at Cannes ’09

Brad Pitt is becoming a real Cannes regular. With Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds confirmed for a competition slot at this year’s festival, the actor will make it to the Riviera for the third year running.

Last year, Pitt accompanied his partner Angelina Jolie, who had starring roles in two films from the official selection while the previous year he was in town to support A Mighty Heart, which he produced (and Jolie starred in) and also to frolic with his Ocean’s 13 cronies for its out-of-competition screening.

The official selection of 52 titles for the 62nd Cannes Film Festival was announced in Paris on Thursday morning, and while a vast number of the films hail from established art-house names, there should still be enough Hollywood-style celebrity to go around.

Also starring in Basterds are Diane KrugerSamuel L. Jackson and Mike Myers. Myers has had his share of fun in past Cannes fests presenting Shrek to the masses while one of the Austin Powers films also made an indelible mark a few years back by decking the main drag with signs screaming, “It’s Cannes, baby!”(There was also an Austin Powers party one year, where the favors were patches of fake chest hair that could be applied at a whim…)

Outside the bunch of Basterds, it is likely everyone from Jude Law to Johnny Depp will swan up the famed Palais des Festival steps at some point during the 10-day extravaganza.

Depp and Law would be in town for Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which has a special out-of-competition screening and also includes Heath Ledger’s final performance. Likely joining them will be Colin Farrell, as the trio stepped in to replace Ledger after he passed away last year.

Sam Raimi’s horror return, Drag Me to Hell, which will be shown at midnight, stars Alison Lohman and Justin Long.

Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock, a competition film, boasts the star wattage of Liev Schreiber, Emile HirschDemetri Martin and Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Cannes perennial Penelope Cruz will certainly be on hand in support of her favorite director, Pedro Almodovar, when his Broken Embraces screens in competition, while Jane Campion’s Bright Star may lend a sparkle or two with Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw.

There could also be a 007 villain face-off when Casino Royale’s Mads Mikkelsen and Quantum of Solace baddie Mathieu Amalric hit town in respect of the films they have screening.

Speaking of villains, Pitt could find himself face-to-face once again with the Night Fox from the Ocean’s movies since Vincent Cassel will also take part in the festival this year. Now that Pitt is a confirmed “Basterd,” it’s anything goes.

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