Pop Culture Dioramas: Art inspired by ‘Avengers,’ ‘Magic Mike,’ and More

ALTBack to school, back to school, to show our dads… why we became journalists and not artists. In celebration of the back to school season — and our inability to truly accept that we are fully functioning adults — the staff at Hollywood.com decided to recess the news for an hour to create dioramas. But why focus on the Prehistoric and Mesozoic Eras when you can circle in on the DVR era? Our staff went to work with little more than paper, scissors, glue (sorry, no rock), clay, and an unwavering entertainment obsession to create dioramas inspired by pop culture projects and events of the past year. (Avengers! Fifty Shades of Grey! Rob Pattinson! And more!)

Click the link below to see the results worthy of As, Fs, and WTFs.


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