Rachel McAdams Might Join ‘Holmes’ Costar Noomi Rapace in Brian De Palma’s ‘Passions’

Rachel McAdamsThis is a weekend to celebrate the Brian De Palma of past and future. Why? First off, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is releasing in IMAX theaters—this is a movie that stems back to De Palma’s Mission: Impossible film adaptation in 1996. The De Palma of the past is accounted for. But the De Palma of the future is invested in another big movie of the weekend: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. How, you ask? Simple: the casting. Holmes features Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams as two of its supporting players. Rapace has already signed on to De Palma’s developing film, Passions. And now it looks like McAdams might join her, as she’s in talks for a role in the movie.

Passions is a loose remake of last year’s Love Crime, a French thriller about a Machiavellian executive who toys with her new assistant’s psyche and emotions, until the latter actually becomes a threat to her. De Palma has changed the story quite a bit: this time around, it will focus on the assistant’s transformation into a brutal murderer when one of her ideas is stolen by her boss.

As McAdams and Rapace are around the same age, it is hard to predict which actress will take which part (in Love Crime, the boss character is notably older than the assistant). Personally, I think a murderous McAdams would be particularly chilling.

De Palma will write and direct Passions, which is set to begin filming in March.

Source: Indiewire