‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Headed for IMAX Re-Release: 5 Reasons This Is Great News

Indiana Jones re-Release in IMAXAs someone who has in her possession an actual Indiana Jones costume and has worn it multiple times, let me just say: this is really, really great news. Director Steven Spielberg and executive producer George Lucas have finally decided to take their classic (amazing, life philosophy-inspiring) film Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark back to theaters the right way. No, they’re not releasing it in 3-D, they’re taking it to IMAX for a Sept. 7 release date. Yeah. As in September 2012. As in next month. It will only run for one week, but there are a few very serious reasons this re-release is awesome news. 

1. The Opening Scene Was Made to Be Seen in IMAX.
From the sweat dripping down Indy’s brow as he makes the switch — the Idol for his bag of sand — to the epic high-speed escape from the cave as a giant boulder rolls his way on a course for sheer destruction, the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark was made to be seen on the big screen, so it’s no wonder we’d want to see it on the even-bigger screen. And if that’s only scene one, imagine what the rest of the film will be like sprawled across that over-sized canvas. Let me give you a hint: it will be nothing short of amazing. 
2. I Said IMAX, Not 3-D. 
With the widespread obsession with all things 3-D across the film industry, it’s comforting to see that some films aren’t subjected to what should be like Cookie Monster’s cookies: a sometimes snack. Granted, the one-week engagement that is the re-release of this classic film isn’t long enough to merit the cost of converting the entire flick to 3-D, but it’s a comfort to know that some films — no matter how cool Indy’s whip might look if it’s coming at your face — can be blown up to huge proportions without trying to bring them into an age they clearly weren’t built for. 
3. Some of Us Aren’t Old Enough to Have Seen Raiders in the Theater and This is Our Big Chance. 
The true mark of a great film is its ability to greatly impact viewers who’ve only ever experienced it through a tiny TV and a VCR. That’s how I fell in love with Raiders of the Lost Ark, but at the same time, it’s impossible to not feel cheated. Those of us who were born after 1981 never got to see Indy running across a giant movie screen — we didn’t get to experience that excitement, that overwhelming sense of adventure that comes with being locked in a huge dark room with only the movie to arrest our attentions. The Star Wars kids got their big-screen jollies when the ’70s and early ’80s films came back to theaters for a limited time, now it’s Indiana Jones-worshippers’ (who happen to overlap with the Star Wars set quite a bit) turn. 
4. Raiders‘ Re-Release Might Just Set Off a Domino Effect.
This re-release could open doors for the Spielberg set. If this stunt is successful, what’s to stop Spielberg from releasing E.T. in IMAX for a spell or Close Encounters of the Third Kind? The nostalgia train doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and devout film fans know the best way to see these movies is in theater. What’s Spielberg got to lose? (Nothing, please make this happen, Mr. Spielberg, sir.)
Call this a goofy reason, but some of us (ahem) refuse to accept current Harrison Ford, who is running around claiming he’s 70 years old. Some of us like to live in the past, with Indy-Era Ford and we’d gladly jump at the chance to see him in action on the (very, very) big screen. 
Will you go to the re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark? Have you been waiting for this day for a long time too?
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