Ray Liotta Joins ‘Wanderlust’

Ray LiottaLet’s catch you up on Wanderlust, shall we? As previously reported, it is comedy boner inducing (seriously, read that article and tell me you don’t pop a comedy chub). The cast and crew behind it is nothing short of mouth wateringly awesome. The cast already includes Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Malin Akerman, Justin Theroux, and Alan Alda. Directing is David Wain, who also co-wrote it with Ken Marino. And producing it is none other than Judd Apatow. If that isn’t the recipe for a comedy boner, then I don’t know what is.

Now we have even more good news! Ray Liotta has joined the cast. Liotta has been exercising his comedic acting muscles with his recent work having appeared in Youth in Revolt and Observe and Report. He also appeared in Charlie St. Cloud, and despite the best efforts of everyone involved it couldn’t help but be funny. And to show that he has a high tolerance for pain, he appeared in a recent episode of Hannah Montana.

So just to recap, in this movie we have the star of Goodfellas and a Friends alum getting naked all by the guys who brought you The State and The Ben Stiller Show. I know I should say something snarky about how 1995 called and it wants it’s popular actors back, but I can’t help but be excited about this.

Source: Hollywood Reporter