‘Reel Steel’ Director Shawn Levy Bringing ‘Frankenstein’ to Life?

Corey MatthewsI would trust Shawn Levy with my life.

Perhaps not all of the director’s big screen pursuits have been triumphs, but he has solidified his genius in my mind forever with the simple fact that he directed six episodes of the greatest live-action television series ever made: The Secret World of Alex Mack. A man so inspired as to deliver us a collective three hours of the most worthwhile character in modern fiction would naturally be a good choice to direct a film about another pretty decent literary figure: Frankenstein’s monster.

Fox’s Frankenstein film, written by Max Landis, is seeking a director. That director, reportedly, might very well be Levy. If there’s one thing the man clearly understands, it is being an outsider. Someone who must hide his true identity, for fear of persecution. Someone struggling to understand his own purpose. Someone with a story to tell, but no one to whom to tell it.

If anyone in this movie turns into a puddle, my neurons will combust.

Source: Deadline