Ridley Scott Rolls the Dice on ‘Monopoly’

That’s right: A movie version of the age-old board game is finally in the works, and Ridley Scott will direct. Here’s hoping it’s about half as long as the average Monopoly game!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, longtime director Scott plans to give the Hasbro game a futuristic twist reminiscent of his ‘80s classic Blade Runner.

Universal and toymakers/board-game kings Hasbro are looking to repeat the success of Hasbro’s previous movie venture, the megablockbuster Transformers, whose sequel is currently filming.

Also in development are movies based on Hasbro’s G.I. Joe, Battleship and, somehow, Ouija Board — while the company’s Trivial Pursuit has already been turned into a syndicated TV game show.

No actors have been lined up for Monopoly yet, but screenwriter Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House) is charged with the task of concocting a script out of the real-estate game.

Can a Play-Doh film be far behind?

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