Rob Riggle To Play Villain In ‘21 Jump Street’

Rob RiggleI wasn’t on board with this whole 21 Jump Street reboot at first. A remake of a 90’s TV show with Channing Tatum? Ugh. But then things started moving in the right direction.

Turns out, Jonah Hill originally had the idea (and wrote the script!) and he’ll executive produce with Tatum. I can dig that. Brie Larson is going to occupy the main female role? Hell yeah! And now Rob Riggle is in talks to be the bad guy? Too sweet!

Riggle is probably the best utility comic actor working today. He appears in the best shows and movies and makes every scene he’s in better. What hasn’t he had a part in? He’s been in everything from SNL to Arrested Developement to Human Giant to the war in Iraq. Okay, so that last one wasn’t that funny, but it’s still pretty impressive. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing the film for Sony Pictures, which plans to release it on March 16th 2012.

Source: Variety