Rom-Com ‘This Means War’ Moves Release Date to Valentine’s Day

this-means-war-art.jpgFox announced today that it is moving up the release date for its upcoming McG-directed rom-com, This Means War, from February 17 to February 14, aka Valentine’s Day. The studio hopes the move will help the film, which stars Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as CIA operatives dueling for the affections of Reese Witherspoon, lure more couples to the multiplex on the love-themed holiday. The move was inspired by studio test screenings of the film, which, according to Fox president of distribution Bruce Snyder, have played “through the roof.” It should be noted that said roofs were only recently reinstalled after similarly rapturous test screenings of Fox’s drama We Bought a Zoo, which hardly proved a runaway blockbuster upon its release.

Source: THR

Check out the trailer for This Means War below: