Chris Hemsworth Strips Down for Natalie Dormer in New ‘Rush’ Trailer

In the latest trailer for the Ron Howard directed film RushChris Hemsworth strolls into a hospital announcing his arrival: “Hunt. James Hunt.” Who do you think you are, James Bond? Whatever — even with a bloody face, the Australian god (yes, he qualifies as a god, and not just because he plays Thor) looks damn good… and the latest trailer for the movie really banks on that. 

The video has Hemsworth stripping down as cutie-pie nurse Gemma (Natalie Dormer) tends to his needs. As “I Can’t Stop” blares in the background, racecar dramatics ensue and Hemworth utters some inspiring words: “More powerful than fear of death itself is the will to win.” 

The film serves as a biography of Niki Lauda, Formula 1 champion driver, and his nearly fatal crash in 1976. But reaching the brink of death doesn’t phase Launda (Daniel Brühl), who gets right back up behind the wheel to race against his nemesis, James Hunt (Hemsworth). 

While most racing films tend to lack the oomph of the cars onscreen, at least Universal is trying to hype up this feature with trendy tunes, the very presence of Game of Thrones‘ Margaery Tyrell (Dormer), and stunning visuals… and yeah, we’re talking about Hemsworth’s rocking body.

We know you’re in a rush to see this film — see what I did there? — but you’re going to have to wait to catch this flick until September 27 when Howard’s movie races into theaters.

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