‘Safe House’ Adds Vera Farmiga

I always confuse Vera Farmiga with Uma ThurmanAccording to Deadline, Vera Farmiga has joined Universal Pictures’ Safe House — a thriller starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds from director Daniel Espinosa. The film follows an agent, played by Reynolds, as he escorts a hardened criminal to safety.

Production on the film is already underway, so it’s safe to assume that as soon as Farmiga walks onto set, she’ll be met by a grinning, mumbling Denzel questioning her arrival in the typical Washington way: “They’re tellin’ me you joined Safe House, mm? That’s what they’re telling me. Mmm.” She’s playing Reynolds’ CIA handler, which sounds similar to the role she took on in Summit Entertainment’s Source Code, where she advised Jake Gyllenhaal’s time-looping soldier. This film doesn’t sound like it has much potential, but then again Safe House could be the next Unstoppable — a movie that was just so stupid, so ridiculously absurd that somehow, against all odds, it actually worked. Or, you know, it could totally not be like that movie at all and we could just end up with another The Book of Eli. Time will tell, I guess.

Source: Deadline