Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Cameos In ‘Thor’ & ‘Captain America’

Considering how much Marvel is trying to tie all their films together, its almost a no-brainer that Samuel L. Jackson would reprise his role of Nick Fury for Thor and Captain America. He’s like the glue that bonds all the films together. He’s the missing link. If he were to be any stone in an arch supporting the Marvel Comics world, he would be the keystone. Really had to stretch for that one.

Anyway, Jackson was on Jimmy Fallon last night and let the news slip. I guess this could be considered a spoiler, but honestly if you’re surprised, you’re delusional. He didn’t specify when he would be appearing so he didn’t spoil that much. So no bitching. Probably more surprising is the fact that he hadn’t even filmed his appearances yet, considering the movies are released in a matter of months. Do these people have no perception of deadlines? It’s gotta take a while to edit out all the “Mother Fuckers” Jackson drops for no reason. That’s why Jackson gives the best eulogies.

Source: NBC