‘Savages’ Eyes Aaron Johnson, Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde SavagesWe originally reported that Jennifer Lawrence would be stepping into the role of Ophelia in Oliver Stone’s upcoming drug-based tale, Savages. However, since she’s accepted the lead in Hunger Games, Stone is on the hunt for a new Ophelia as well as the rest of the cast. Apparently an offer has already been made to Kickass star Aaron Johnson for one of the two leads, Ben. The character, along with his partner, Chon, are Laguna Beach weed-cultivators who end up getting mixed up with a Baja cartel. Come on, do these dudes not watch Weeds or something? They really should have known better.

As a possible replacement for Ophelia, the duo’s beautiful helping hand, is Olivia Wilde. If you’re looking for the best possible second choice, I’d say Wilde isn’t a terrible one. In addition to Wilde, they’re looking at Friday Night Lights alum Taylor Kitsch for the other lead role, Chon, and Salma Hayek for the head of the cartel. This would be great for Kitsche, who’s already shaping up to be a big player in 2011 with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a few other big projects in 2012. As for Hayek, the role couldn’t be any more enticing. I mean, why wouldn’t she accept a role as a kickass lady drug lord?

While these names aren’t officially tied to the film yet, it looks like Stone is rounding up quite an intriguing bunch for the flick.

Source: Total Film