Sean Penn + Robert Smith + Nazi Hunting = ‘This Must Be The Place’ — TRAILER

Sean Penn This Must Be The PlaceIt’s been awhile since we heard anything about Sean Penn‘s nazi-hunting-with-a-twist film, This Must Be The Place. But it looks like the folks over at The Weinstein Company—who debuted a new trailer today for the Paolo Sorrentino (2009’s Il Divo) film today—are ready to promote and release the film.

The new trailer is not that different from what we’ve seen before, but does have more insight into the internal crisis happening with Penn’s Robert Smith Cheyenne, aging rocker with a nazi-hunting agenda (naturally). The film debuted to mostly-positive reviews at Cannes in 2011, where Weinstein acquired the North American distribution rights.

The film is the quest of Penn’s reclusive Cheyenne as he searches for the nazi who tortured his now-dead father in Auschwitz. There’s a big gun (is he going to kill the nazi?), stories of his once-epic career (singing with Mick Jagger!), a lot of Frances McDormand, and the music of the brilliant and always-in-all-white David Byrne. While the film certainly looks different (always a welcome thing given Hollywood’s predilection for sequels, prequels and reboots) and is a refreshingly quirky twist on the crime-dramedy scene, we’ll let you decide if the film has Oscar-potential for Penn and Co.

This Must Be The Place opens on November 9, 2012.

What do you think of the trailer and Penn’s gothic look? Sock your thoughts to us in the comments.

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