Shia LaBeouf Set For ‘Charlie Countryman’

Shia LaBeoufSource: Mandate Pictures

After running from robots in disguise one last time in Michael Bay’s forthcoming Transformers 3, star Shia LaBeouf will headline The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman for Mandate Pictures.

In the film, Charlie Countryman (LaBeouf) was just a normal guy…until he fell in love with the one girl who will probably get him killed. When Charlie meets the absolutely irresistible Gabi she’s already been claimed by Nigel, an insanely violent crime boss with a gang of thugs at his disposal. Armed with little more than his wit and naïve charm, Charlie endures one bruising beat down after another to woo Gabi and keep her out of harm’s way. Finally his exploits of blind valor create such a mess that he’s left with only one way out; to save the girl of his dreams, must Charlie Countryman die?

Dante Ariola will direct the romantic actioner from an original screenplay by Matt Drake. Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa of Bona Fide Productions will produce along with William Horberg. Dean Parisot and Mandate president Nathan Kahane will executive produce.

I’ve long thought the LaBeouf is more talented than he’s allowed to be in Michael Bay’s trilogy, as he’s proved in turns in New York, I Love You and A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints. Now that his Transformers contract is coming to an end, we’re hoping that he’ll take more risky roles in the future and this seems to be a good start, balancing the action that he’s accustomed to with more quirky material. Consider our fingers crossed…