‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Gets Mommy & Daddy, Plus Additional Villain

‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Gets Mommy & Daddy, Plus Additional Villain

ALT TEXTConsidering the whole premise of Spider-Man is based on Peter Parker’s relationship with his Aunt May and the late-Uncle Ben, hearing casting news about Spidey’s parents is, frankly, a bit odd.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson are joining the upcoming Spider-Man reboot (starring Andrew Garfield) as Parker’s parents. On top of that, Irrfan Khan has joined as a new villain named Van Atter with Annie Parisse signing on as the villain’s wife.

Now with this news, here’s the main question: how will Mommy and Daddy be incorporated into the film? Traditionally in the Spider-Man universe, Parker’s parents have been pretty non-existent (hence the whole living with his aunt and uncle thing) and have never actually appeared in a Spider-Man movie. So, will they be in a prologue, with a scene of them leaving Peter as an orphan? Or maybe in flashbacks, during an awkward family dinner with a young Peter and his Aunt and Uncle? Or perhaps in the actual storyline Mom and Dad potentially show up in a drunken stupor on Peter’s doorstep, begging him to forgive them? Or maybe… maybe I should just stop with that one.

Anyway, this news is making my Hollywood.com Editor/comic book genius Daniel Hubschman squirm in disgust, so I’m not quite sure if this is the best idea for the film. Plus, with Khan, they’re adding another villain (Rhys Ifans was already cast as The Lizard last month). Right now, it seems like there are quite a few characters being tossed into this story that is supposed to be a reboot. And that’s odd. Typically, franchises get rebooted because they’ve gotten way too complicated. You know, the story lines kind of sprawl out of control, they lose touch with the original premise and just need a fresh take (see: Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy). But now, this reboot already seems to be sprawling out of control — and it’s not even in production yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter