Steve Carell Magically Transforms into Nic Cage in ‘Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ Poster

The most spectacular of Steve Carell’s slight-of-hand endeavors in the upcoming magician comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is not the ol’ rabbit-out-of-a-hat routine, nor the sawing-a-lady-in-half ordeal. More compelling than any of the usual tricks is Carell’s ability to transform into another human being entirely. Pictured below in the movie’s new poster is Carell (seriously, that’s him on the bottom) in costume as the titular down-on-his-luck illusionist.

But if you didn’t already know that the former Michael Scott was starring in the New Line Cinema production, then you’d be likely to assume the front-and-center hero was any number of other recognizable faces: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone — starring Nicolas Cage! (that granite grimace just screams immortal vampire), or Dolph Lundgren! (at least back in his Masters of the Universe days), or Fabio! (didn’t we see that exact pose on the cover of a 1986 romance novel?), or Ke$ha! (I’m sorry, Ke$ha)

Take a gander and let us know who you initially thought was propped between Steve Buscemi and Jim Carrey (a.k.a., Adult Anthony Michael Hall and a Dane Cook/Dog the Bounty Hunter hybrid, respetively). Catch the movie in theaters on Mar. 15.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

[Photo Credit: New Line Cinema]


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