Steve Carell Rumored As ‘Burt Wonderstone’

ALT TEXTSteve Carell couldn’t ask to be in a better position (that’s what she said).

The actor, who’s currently shooting his final season of The Office (check out our recap of last night’s premiere right here), has spent the past seven years shooting movies during his vacation time. Now that he’ll be finished in Scranton, he’ll have all the time in the world to choose his role — an actor’s dream!

And he’s taking his time. The actor and his reps are currently entertaining numerous scripts but only one in particular is rumored to be to the liking of Carell. It’s called Burt Wonderstone.

According to the LA Times, the comedy is about a “Vegas magician who accidentally kills his partner and must regain his mojo while competing with his rival.”

So wait a second. Magic? Accidental murder? Competition? What the heck. Maybe this Burt Wonderstone is Michael Scott from another dimension. Weird. But regardless, this part has Carell written all over it (obviously). Right now, there’s no director attached to the project, but that will change very quickly if Carell does sign on.

Originally, I was super bummed to hear Carell was leaving The Office. But, like the rest of the world, I forgot that would mean that he’d be in more movies! Derr. Yay for more Steve Carell!

Source: LA Times