Steve Jobs Mockumentary ‘iSteve’ Starring Justin Long Now Available to Watch — Where Else? — Online

Credit: Funny or Die

Steve Jobs, for better or worse, made us all Internet and technology junkies. We use them for everything, up to and including making 80-minute online movies with a script entirely based off of Wikipedia entries and Google searches. 

iSteve, the first full-length feature from Funny or Die, features Justin Long as Jobs himself and Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak. But before you go thinking this is a precursor to the upcoming Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs movie jObs, fair warning: iSteve‘s writer and director Ryan Perez (Saturday Night Live) told they he only used Internet sources (“We couldn’t buy a paperback version of [Walter Isaacson’s] book; it’s not in our budget”) and that “Almost nothing that you see that’s based on a true story feels like a true story.” He added, “This movie takes a lot of dramatic license, but does it take as much dramatic license as Liz and Dick on Lifetime with Lindsay Lohan? I honestly don’t know.” 

That doesn’t mean the stars don’t take their roles seriously, no matter how silly or inaccurate the source material may be. (“A turtleneck would make Steve look like he’s from the future!” is something one character cries and at one point Long comes face to face with an actor who is playing Justin Long in those memorable Apple commercials). Plus, if you do know the story of Jobs and the rise of the Apple empire, you’ll likely find the movie funnier than most. iSteve debuted on Funny or Die on Tuesday, April 15 (’s Matt Patches will have a full review later), and you can watch the whole movie, — which also features James Urbaniak as Bill Gates and Michaela Watkins as Melinda Gates here

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