Swinton & Fassbender Team Up For Jarmusch’s Vampire Flick

tilda swintonDespite looking like a vampire himself, noted indie icon Jim Jarmusch is set to make his next film about vampires and has recruited Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska to play his bloodsuckers. Though the film is untitled at the moment, it is described as a “crypto-vampire love story,” whatever that means. To add a little more fuel to the confusion fire, it’ll be set in the “romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangiers.” Umm, ok?

Even though Jarmusch’s harcore indieness isn’t my cup of chai-tea, it’ll be interesting to see him tackle vampires in Detroit and Europe with this cast. Fassbender is basically trying to out-Renner Jeremy Renner (let’s make that verb happe,n people) by being in everything and Swinton could easily pass for a vampire at any point. Color me intrigued.

Source: Screen Daily